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AureumDX stands at the nexus of innovation and ambition. As a vibrant, burgeoning company, we are setting the trajectory for a bright and transformative future in medical diagnostics. With rapid expansion on the horizon, we invite you to be a part of our story.

Why Choose Aureum Diagnostics?

Youthful Zeal with Professionalism: We seamlessly blend the fervour of a young company with the gravitas of our mission, ensuring a stimulating and supportive work environment.
 Expanding Horizons: We are actively bolstering our R&D, quality, and operational teams. This growth opens a plethora of opportunities for the right talent to carve out their niche and grow with us.

Valuing Expertise: At Aureum, we recognise the worth of industry-relevant experience. If you have the expertise and the drive to make a difference, we’re eager to hear from you.

Current Opportunities

While we list specific openings here, our doors are always open to individuals with industry-relevant experience. Whether it’s a role in research, quality assurance, manufacturing, operations, or any other domain, if you share our passion and commitment, AureumDX could be your next career home.

How to Apply

If you’re enthusiastic about making a tangible impact in the diagnostics industry and believe you align with our ethos, we’d love to chat.
For detailed enquiries or to submit your application:

Phone: 07494 070 111


Shape the Future with Aureum Diagnostics

We don’t just offer jobs; we present avenues for growth, learning, and genuine contributions to the medical diagnostics frontier. Come, be a part of the Aureum legacy.

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