The Technology

Aureum’s breakthrough point of care diagnostics platform

Aureum’s advanced electrochemical sensing technology has been developed to drive a revolution in the point of care medical diagnostics market. Our products are designed for use across a broad range of testing environments including in the home, at doctor’s surgeries and for population screening throughout the community and within the workplace.

Our high performance, low environmental footprint test strips will be produced in high volume and at low cost using established, highly controlled, digital manufacturing processes.

Aureum’s novel “sample to result” sensing technology enables the rapid high sensitivity measurement of a host of different target bio-molecules including nucleic acids, proteins and small molecule metabolites. Test strips can be configured to measure multiple target analytes from a single test sample without the need for any complex user steps.

Our hand-held electronic test strip readers provide exceptional functionality including seamless data connectivity, simultaneous multi-analyte measurement and individual patient ID capture. Aureum’s readers provide leading edge performance at a fraction of the cost of existing high-performance point of care diagnostics instrumentation.

Instruments provide results within just a few minutes from test sample application and display clear, accurate and meaningful results as soon as the test is complete.

This measurement technique can be adapted to measure a wide range of different targets and our broad product development portfolio reflects this capability. 

Several innovative technologies have been developed and patented relating to novel high performance electrode surface coatings as well as high sensitivity assay chemistries.